“Nature appears big in big things, but is even bigger in small things”

Jacques-Henri B. de Saint Pierre.


Nanocam | A trip into bioversity.

An amazing immersive documentary film about the 5 kingdoms of the animal world.

Nanocam explores the kingdoms of bacteriaprotists and their stunning mechanism of motility, the amazing structure of fungi, the specializations of plants and the incredible complexity of the animal kingdom.

seen through an electron microscope: a breathtaking trip into the five kingdoms of living things.

This unique program, based on a scientific approach and featuring images that have never been seen before, offers another dimension of reality, a reality that is measured in micrometers.
Nanocam is a fascinating journey exploring life-forms that are invisible to the human eye and contribute to a better understanding of the world we live in.


Fulldome & 16:9


5.1 Surround


27 minutes


English / Spanish



One of the main objectives the creators of the program had in mind, was opening up scientific findings to a wider public (popular science). 
Nanocam has been especially designed for different age groups starting from 10 years. In an entertaining way, Nanocam offers an in-depth analysis of curricular contents and helps to consolidate newly attained knowledge.

However, its visual character, its scientific language, that is at the same time easy to understand and its entertaining and attractive structure make Nanocam an experience for all different types of audience.


Hugo and Marcos have to finish an assignment before going to the football match. At first they don`t seem to be very motivated, until they find a program called Nanocam 
with a microscope simulator on the Internet. What started off as a somewhat compulsory task soon turns into a fascinating trip that captivates both completely and lets them discover worlds that were unknown before.


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Alaska, California, Texas, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Russia , Tokyo, Melbourne… Nanocam has been screened all over the world.

If you are interested in projecting Nanocam in your planetarium, theater or school, or if you want to produce a new idea, do not doubt it and contact us.
Together we will make it happen!

Liszt Liebestraum

Piece awarded at the Fulldome Festival in Jena with the VisualLiszt prize in 2011. To celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the composer Frank Liszt, the festival honored the great musician with this event. Liszt’s Liebestraum embellishes this edited piece from our documentary Nanocam | A trip into bioversity.



Now you can screen the stunning HD version of the documentary for free in your school, association, museum…

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Our new Fulldome project. A trip to the abyssal deeps where we will live extreme experiences in impossible environmental conditions and we will be delighted with the most amazing creatures on Earth.

We are in pre-production phase, if you are interested in participating in the project please contact us.

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